Top Skills 2020

On the path of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Complex Problem Solving become extremely important in a business context.

35% of the professional skills currently required by most recruiters and companies will change over the next four years. The statement is based on a report produced by the World Economic Forum published in January 2016.

The projected transformations are justified within the scope of the acclaimed "Fourth Industrial Revolution" that will be marked by the age of advanced robotics and artificial intelligence. By 2020, these factors, along with socioeconomic, geopolitical and demographic conditions, will have a direct impact on the labor universe. Some professions will disappear, but many others will emerge, and most of the new models of professionalization will be linked to human actions, still impossible to be mastered or executed by machines.

This study also details the most critical skills in the recruitment of professionals in the year 2015, along with a projection of those that will be most important in the year 2020, namely Creativity, Critical Thinking and Complex Problem Solving, The big companies teach in a structured way to their employees and that allows them to add more value and differentiation to their clients, fundamental pillar and recognized of its success.

WINNING also strongly believes that Robots will be part of the future but can always be overcome through highly qualified human capital. This is one of the reasons why the 100% Portuguese consultant has developed a training program that, through the dynamics and techniques of problem solving and the development of team solutions, lead to leadership and allow the application and assimilation of the aforementioned skills, unique Way of anticipating the extinction of the workstation by an automaton.

Difficulty in responding to new challenges and competing with others?

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TOP SKILLS 2020 Course: The Most Critical Skills of the Future

This course will empower trainees with the most critical competencies for organizations, now and in the future!

Throughout the training participants will put into practice the 10 competencies identified by the World Economic Forum study.


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