Strategic Certification

1st Program of Preparation for Certification in Strategic Management | Download Datasheet
The framework of the Association for Strategic Planning [Association for Strategic Planning (ASP)] Is organized according to a L-T-P-A (Lead-Think-Plan-Act) terminology based on the general work that strategy practitioners have to know and effectively execute. Each block described in the framework has its own individual processes.

The LEAD block provides the vision and direction for the growth and success of an organization. In the framework psychometric evaluation and leadership facilitation tools are used.

The THINK block is about analyzing, understanding, predicting, and making decisions. THINK provides the intellectual capacity for the whole process. The intention is to have enough information to provide the ability to listen to an optimal organizational development strategy. These tools are used in this block, such as Business Model Canvas, Business Model and Concept Innovation, as well as PESTEL and SWOT analyzes.

The PLAN block focuses on the process of thinking and organizing activities in order to achieve a goal oriented to the future of the organization, implying having foresight and vision of the future. It uses tools like PERT, Critical Path Method, Kellog Perfomance Logic Model, Strategy Canvas and Industry Mapping.

The ACT block is the execution of the strategy, putting the ideas into production in a culture of teamwork and continuous improvement, always being the ideas supported and reflected in the defined strategy. Here the strategy performance is measured and evaluated to perceive what goes well and what goes wrong, being able to take actions on the evidences, in the sense of having a organization of high organizational yield.

Objectives of the framework:

  • Support business leaders in bold strategic journeys based on disruptive empirical and social insights to win the market
    • Improve performance when designing portfolios
    • Reallocate integrated business unit resources, processes, and strategies
    • Identify granular growth opportunities and improve performance through innovation in products, services, processes and business models
    • Develop strategies for the digital age and identify the opportunities and threats that digital transformation impacts across industries

The five critical strategic thinking skills that should be in each manager's mindset should be:

  • Systems Perspective
    • Intelligent Opportunism
    • Focus on intention
    • Temporal thinking
    • Hypothesis Oriented

A Strategic Planning professional should at an early stage:

  • Create the involvement of all internal and external stakeholders of the organization
  • Ensure the existence of teamwork and project management competencies in the implementing elements of the strategy
  • Disseminate the organizational culture
  • Detail strategic long-term plans
  • Communicate new emerging theories
  • Ensure good practices in customer service and quality management.


At an advanced stage, the Strategic Planning professional should:

  • Change theories and application of them in the organization
  • Guide the direction of the organization's objectives
  • Be a facilitator of organizational change
  • Create ways to encourage and motivate employees
  • Cause and encourage innovation
  • Ensure the existence and use of a monitoring and evaluation system


In current reality, organizations need to reinvent themselves permanently, ensuring the constant transformation and evolution of their processes, people, products and strategy so they can continue to have presence, competitiveness and ensure the future of the business in the global market.


WINNING Scientific Management is the first company in Europe able to certify professionals in Strategic Planning according to the ASP framework.

Through this methodology WINNING brings to the European market a common language, based on good international practices, for management and strategic planning professionals who want to create a standard of high quality and consistency in the area of strategic thinking, assuring to organizations elements capable of responding The current challenges of their increasingly competitive industries.

Within the scope of its Strategic Management Competence Center, WINNING will promote the 1st ASP Certification Course (level II - Strategic Management Professional SMP) between April 3rd and 7th, 2017, during working hours.


Download the TECHNICAL DATASHEET of the course and know the certification program in detail.

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