Smart Cities

More than half of the world's population already lives in urban areas, with cities playing a vital role in guaranteeing their development in a sustainable way. Thus, the resilience and intelligence of cities becomes fundamental, increasing the need for municipalities to be more efficient in their planning and management processes, while, at the same time, continuously improving their sustainable development strategy based on international best practices.

Therefore,urban sustainability demands smartness by the cities, whose aim must be to guarantee their inhabitants the best living conditions possible. Being smart means to integrate innovative solutions based on technology in the management of the city daily life, transforming the way information is handled and managed in areas such as energy, environment, mobility and services. By taking advantage from technology, cities can bridge failures and inefficiencies in data assessment, communication, bureaucracy, processes and procedures.

Pains & Trends


The capacity of comparing cities between each other helps to define the best strategy to foster sustainability by benchmarking economic, social and environmental indicators. However, this process demands the standardization of performance metrics, such as ISO standards, for which many cities are still not aware.


By acting local, municipalities must work with several entities responsible for tracking the city performance in disperse operational areas. Consequently, municipalities have difficulty in centralizing the information to take well informed decisions and monitor the accomplishment of their strategic goals.


Putting into practice the vision for sustainable development in communities comes as a big challenge. Therefore, it is crucial for cities to possess an efficient management system, enabling stakeholders to understand the city vision regarding sustainability and set smart action plans.

Cities have been constantly evolving with the demographic, technological, economic and environmental changes that have taken place. The global phenomenon of urbanization, including population growth and their shift to urban areas has brought with it big challenges and a need for cities to reinvent themselves. To catch up with the main macro trends, urban management must follow high standards of sustainable development and seek inspiration in the best practices worldwide, something in which WINNING can competently assist.

WINNING Scientific Management can help you!

WINNING has been working at the forefront of implementing innovation and sustainability strategies in cities, ensuring the support needed by municipalities to foster policies of management transparency and providing guidance in the collection of information to set sustainable development goals. Thus, supported by internationally recognized standards such as ISO 37120 and ISO 37101, we assist local governments in the implementation of management and sustainability systems as well as in the compilation and validation of data in order to obtain certification.

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Smart Cities
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