Date: 5 of May 2015

Local: Hotel Tivoli Oriente, Parque das Nações



Are you having trouble approving budget for your training? What is the return of your training? Do not know how to measure the value of your training actions?

This event aims to address the issue of training ROI and the difficulties companies face today in defining KPIs that are truly capable of monitoring the impact of their training actions as well as the key challenges and solutions in implementing ROI. We have the presence of Dr. Luís Cara d ‘Anjo, member of APG (Portuguese Association for the Management of People), followed by the lecture by Prof. Leandro Pereira CEO of WINNING Scientific Management, on the valuation of the processes of training and measurement of its value. We also have the presence of Sara Batalha Executive Director & Top Trainer at MTW, who will present us with a Case Study. In order to share knowledge with various public and private entities, we will promote the presentation of a round table discussion with several HRD individuals in various sectors of activity, namely Banking, Telecommunications and Retail, contributing to the sharing of knowledge and experiences of their realities professionals.

We count on your presence!