Public Administration

Over the years, the Public Sector has been challenged to enhance its capacity to deliver better services and underpins economic and social developments. In short, to serve its mission. However, pressing issues like sovereign debt and austerity shaped down investments and those were often short on good management principles. Continuous modernization efforts and qualification programs must be on every public sector decision maker top of mind, as well as knowledge sharing among public servants. Those are key to improve the Public Sector.

The clock is ticking and a major change is happening between public services and citizens. This change is global and it related two vectors: new citizen’s perception of public service and the latest technological developments.

Pains & Trends


Portuguese public sector must modernize its processed to improve efficiency when dealing with the citizens or businesses. Bureaucracy must be beaten and the public sector services must become a transformational partner. Social media brought more public administration action visibility and legal scrutiny. It’s now mandatory to have an open communication plan in place and transparency must be new normal.


During the years, public servants have accumulated enormous amounts of knowledge, by experience and by facing different situations daily. This knowledge isn’t – in many situations - shared among colleagues or teams.If otherwise, overall services improvement would happen, benefiting the entire value chain, from workers to citizens or businesses. This is more relevant considering the ageing effect on the public servant’s workers and the low attraction rate among the youngest and more qualified.


Adopting proven practices must be embraced by all. Almost all organizational processes are studied and many times there are knowledge and proven practices and methodologies to do things in a better way. The continuous improvement process must seek which activities can benefit from existing methodologies. Public Sector organizations can enormously benefit from its adoption.

Innovation happen every day. New technologies, methodologies, production techniques, new materials, new tools emerge every day. It isn’t possible to absorb all innovations and make an organization benefit from all, every day. However, all of us must be available to learn and acquire new competencies. Be in the confort zone, doing the same, the same way, year after year, isn’t an option any more. Either you change and improve, or someone else will.



Case Study I - Administração Pública - Business Cases

Case Study II - Administração Pública - Business Analysis 

WINNING Scientific Management can help you!

WINNING have very relevant references in the Portuguese Public Sector Market, on Health, Shared Services, Defence and Municipalities. We helped those public services to improve and solve some of the gaps identified. We developed dematerialization processes to improve overall services offered both internally and to the citizens. We measured the value that a given project has presented to the society (citizens), the services delivery organization and the developing organization. We measured that with scientific methods and internationally recognized practices. We implemented internationally recognized project management offices to improve project results. We have trained people to improve their skills, both hard and soft skills

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