P2020 - Investment Projects

Project BC Tool

Date of realization: 1/6/2018 a 31/5/2020

Main Objective: Strengthening research, technological development and innovation

Eligible investment: 405585,33 €

Incentive approved: 162234,13 €

The objective of the Project is to develop a tool capable of verifying the economic and financial viability of an investment initiative in a company/organization. Faced with a current context of high competitiveness in the market, the need to rationalize economic, financial, human resources or the introduction of a new product in the market requires the development of a business case that will allow you to determine whether this initiative is strategic and will generate wealth for the company/organization. These objectives are applied to several problems and, therefore, the development of a Business Case application, oriented to project management, at the level of good practices and including a diversity of statistical models and algorithms consists of an added value in view of the market needs and the lack of adequate solutions that allow a transformation into information with a high degree of confidence.



Project code: LISBOA-02-08B9-FEDER-067244

Main Objective: Adaptation of SME activity to the context of the pandemic COVID19

Region of intervention: Lisboa

Beneficiary Entity: Winning Scientific Management, Lda.

Date of approval: 6/8/2020

Start date: 21/9/2020

Date of completion: 31/12/2020

Eligible investment: 28.280,00 €

European Union financial support:  FEDER - 14.140,00 €


The goal of the Project is to ensure the safety of employees and customers in the WINNING office in the progressive resumption of activity, as well as to define business areas that can become fully digital.


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