It’s being roughly two weeks since the WebSummit 2017 took Lisbon by storm. Nevertheless there are some thoughts that still lingers on my mind after this time. Here are some conclusions after three days of a pure people&tech experience.

Humanity is in a crossroads. We must decide and take action on whether to use current and near future advancements on technology as an ally to our day-to-day chores, or defer important decisions on regulations, let it run and grow freely and eventually, let it rule us – a vision similar to the apocalyptic world of Terminator. When put in this terms, it appears to be too much of an exaggeration – but it was actually brought up by some speakers during the conferences.

We are still far away from either of those scenarios.  There is still a lot of work to do, a lot of gaps to fill and a lot of changes that still need to happen before we arrive to that promised future. Yet, we have never been so close. And though our concept of technology has changed as it evolved, never before have we had so many technological advancements in so many fields happening at the same time. As Al Gore referenced, change is happening in front of us, and it has the magnitude of the industrial revolution, but at much higher speed; with developers as enablers and catalysts – similar to workers of the industrial revolution. Experts say this trend will continue to grow at the same rate, or faster.

Looking roughly 35, maybe 40 years in the future, we will see all manual work be done by machines. This means that a lot of jobs will be gone, but it also means that there will be more time available for people to dedicate to undertakings machines are not able to do. It will also mean new necessities will arise and thus, the way we approach our daily routines will change as a consequence. As Guy Standing said: In the future, people won’t have just a stream of work, but will be having different jobs focusing on what they want, using technology as an enabler.

Some topics of innovation displayed on the summit included transportation tending to autonomous driving, centralized vehicle routing for traffic optimization and of course, Uber’s flying cars; retail enhanced through machine learning and virtual and augmented reality; health treatments improved using mini-robots and new research technologies; and sustainability through the development of better batteries and other gadgets using IoT, aiming to control and reduce our impact on Earth and climate change. These are all basic needs that we have on our daily lives, but the way we approach them is just evolving to have more connected, collaborative and sustainable societies.

Technology is an enabler for us to close the gaps between problems and solutions, and also help us find new solutions for our old problems. We must embrace change and welcome the opportunities that comes with digital transformation. As Heraclitus said long ago: Change is the only constant.


By Victoria Bello

WINNING has just renewed its online presence with the launch of a new, more modern and interactive institutional website that provides a free suite of case studies articles, opinion papers, Market studies and research on different management.

More than a hundred articles and scientific management tools with relevant information about different industries, sectors of activity and competences are highlighted, namely in the areas of Strategic Management, Innovation Management, Benefits Management, Project Management, Change Management and Data Science.

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WINNING Scientific Management associates itself with the Members and Supporters of the PMI Portugal Chapter and hereby announces the holding of the 6th PMI Portugal Theme Event dedicated to the theme “Integrating project marketing with project management”.

It will be a very important event for those who want to be aware of a very current and futuristic theme within Project Management, as well as doing networking with various managers and people connected to the medium.

PMI Portugal Chapter also launches the challenge of proposing a 5 minute presentation (20 slides that run automatically every 15 seconds and not controlled by the speaker – concept ignite) where they can share with the community the experiences related to the theme, with Practical, pedagogic and inspiring examples.

07:00 p.m. – Welcome Reception
07:30 p.m. – Main Guest Presentations – Prof. Rodney Turner
08:00 p.m. – Dinner
08:45 p.m. – Associate Presentations (Ignite Format)
09:45 p.m. – Closing Remarks

Other informations:
– PDU’s:2
– Price (Payable to restaurant): Not associated – 23€; Associated to PMI PT – 20€
– Dress Code: Business Casual
– Local: Hotel VIP Arts, in Parque das Nações

Presentations should be sent to the email
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WINNING implements “patient-centricity”through the HIMMS certification

30 WINNING consultants are internationally accredited in the methodology EMRAM – Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model, da HIMMS – Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society


May.2017 – Several health trends point to the importance of a patient-centered approach, a model that consists of designing solutions around the patient by health care providers.

Gone are the days when healthcare organizations and clinical professionals took full responsibility for making decisions about how to treat their patients. Nowadays, thanks to the advances made by science, technology and access to information in a global and autonomous way, many people want to become active participants in their own health care. At the same time, while other industries have focused on the centralization of processes and services to their clients, the health industry is still operating with traditional models. This aspect currently represents a universe of opportunities for the reinvention of management models and for the creation of patient-centered (client) clinical care, namely at the hospital level.

In the words of Professor Leandro Pereira, CEO of WINNING “…How is it possible for a patient to enter and leave a hospital unit without being asked a single question? Where is the alignment of the institution with its mission to serve society if we don’t involve it if we don’t hear it periodically to act in accordance with it? Are we in this way to provide good service? How? The priority of Portuguese hospitals should be to ensure maximum satisfaction in the experience of their patients, and their segmentation can not only contribute to creating customized solutions but also to help predict where to spend the most resources and time. Effective implementation of patient-centered methodology involves the involvement of all stakeholders and their alignment with the strategy defined by the leadership. At the same time, technology plays a decisive role in the execution of this approach, being crucial the integration of information systems and the introduction of new digital mechanisms to evaluate and analyze the behavior of the patients, while the communication is done continuously with and for the same ones.”

Think Digital

Scientific Management at the service of STRATEGY in Organizations, by Leandro Pereira, CEO of WINNING Scientific Management in the first European edition of WORLD STRATEGY SUMMIT, dedicated to the theme “from strategy to execution on the digital era“.


The first European edition of the WORLD STRATEGY SUMMIT, dedicated to the theme “from strategy to execution on the digital age“, took place at ISCTE, and was attended by more than 70 participants. Presenting itself as a forum for discussion and reflection for professionals from various sectors of activity, the event proved to be an opportunity to promote good scientific management practices applied to digital transformations.

According to Professor Leandro Pereira on the main conclusions of the event, “we are going through a context in which markets are highly volatile and present high levels of instability and competitiveness. For this reason, most companies often face enormous difficulties in defining robust strategic plans to meet the needs of their business “, says the CEO of WINNING, who also argues that” it is imperative to apply in organizations a Scientific Management that allows to develop an analytical depth to create a robust process through the collection of data, evidences, relations and assertively diagnose the causes and the problems.

Identify whether the strategy is tailored to market trends and actual organizational needs; Define change management processes; Support the identification of new ways of creating value; Support the exploitation of market opportunities; Implementing processes that help define organizational strategy and define governance models are imperative, aimed at accelerating business growth by increasing organizational performance and national competitiveness.” Professor Leandro Pereira comments on the main findings reported during the course of event.

The organization was in charge of the Iberian chapter of the Association for Strategic Planning (ASP Iberia), with the support of CRITICAL Software, WINNING Scientific Management and ISCTE. It has also partnered with Business Case Institute (BCI), Project Management Institute Portugal (PMI Portugal), Wondermags, CXO Weekly and The Digital Transformation People.

Gone are the days when workplace brightness tests, the frequency and time of break in rest periods, or layout changes in factories were experienced in the laboratory independently and rigorously for increased productivity, rationalization Reduction of waste.

Principles introduced by Frederick Taylor between 1880 and 1890 in a first attempt to apply the scientific method to engineering and management – later called scientific management. Nowadays, the volatility of the economic and social context generates continuous and permanent breakdowns in the status quo of business models and continually calls into question the dogmas (“presuppositions”) of the past, raising the Darwian principle to its greatest exponent by performing in the day To-day natural selection of companies that no longer depend on how big or successful they were in the past (…)

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2nd Winning Competition | The Business Case Challenge

Students from Universidade Nova SBE, Católica-Lisbon SBE, IST, ISEG, ISCTE-IUL, Lusófona and UAL in competition

WINNING, in partnership with the Business Case Institute and AISEC, will hold the second edition of The Business Case Challenge. This competition prepares young university students and finalists from different areas of knowledge, with a set of Business Case tools and methodologies, to make decisions about investment in projects, in business environment.
The Business Case Challenge consists of two rounds on Saturdays.The first round will have a session in each of the partner universities of the event (Nova SBE, Católica-Lisbon SBE, IST, ISEG, ISCTE-IUL, Lusófona and UAL) and will take place on April 29 and May 6, 2017. The Final round will be held on May 20, 2017. Regardless of the day, the event will run from 9:00 am to 6:00 p.m., however, some of the activities may be extended beyond this time.

The first round winners (1 per session) will receive a “Management Consulting” training course run by WINNING Scientific Management, with an individual value of € 1,000. Each member of the winning team of the Event will receive a free entry for the Business Case Analyst (BCA) certification. The certification will be launched in September 2017.

All information about this competition is available at:


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WINNING Scientific Management is organizing the III International Conference of Business AnalysisInnovation Business Battles, on September 29 and 30 and October 1st in Lisbon.

We intend with this initiative to give special attention to the trends and innovations observed with regard to business needs in the following sectors:

  • BANK

Throughout the session we will promote an open debate – Innovation Business Battles – about trends, challenges, opportunities and win-win expectations, through a face-to-face between industry players and their Qualified Customers / Consumers, with The purpose of the session to answer the following questions:

  • How to create value propositions that fit the expectations of customers?
  • How to ensure that solutions meet the requirements and that problems are solved?
  • How to properly translate the business problem into an effective solution, maximizing customer satisfaction?

Throughout the session will be identified the answers and practical solutions to the current challenges, according to the needs and expectations of all the stakeholders of the various value chains. We are convinced that with this project, we will contribute to the creation of value for our Clients and the respective sectors, promoting national economic development.


  • IT Directors
  • Marketing Directors
  • Comercials Directors
  • Innovation Responsable
  • I&D Responsables
  • Product Managers

Join us in this sharing of experiences and knowledge. Your participation will be a very important contribution!


If you are interested in participating, please contact us:+351 218 963 030 |

WINNING Sport Team

WINNING Sport Team:
Eduardo Lopes (guarda-redes), Nuno Costa, Frederico Baptista, Tiago Gonçalves, André Arrimar e Francisco Vieira

WINNING is participating in the Nacional Super League 5, in Lisbon. This league is played by teams made up of groups of friends, companies, clubs, among others, in more than 10 locations in Portugal. The National Super League Futebol 5 is promoted by the Portuguese MiniFootball Association, being this its official proof at Regional and National level.

Congratulations to our WINNERS who in the opening match won by 7-3 to the opponent! To follow the journey, follow the WINNING Sport Team here.