WINNING has a deep know-how and solid experience in supporting projects and energy sector companies. In a continuous technological change environment caused by macroeconomic constraints and paradigm changes, more than ever the management is lacking of decision and support tools, especially in large investments, in both the R&D and production units.The ability to study the market and evaluate the attractiveness and risk of investments, is a critical success factor in the industry, particularly in times of crisis, where the products and services life cycle is drastically reduced and uncertain, as well as the funding limitations that strongly influence the growth rate and operating margins.

Pains & Trends


The renewables energies are now part of the energy portfolio and are rapidly gaining market share.As the main benefits from them, stands out the energy mix diversification, with distributed generation growing at a fast pace worldwide and its installed capacity projected to more than double in the next decade. Simultaneously, as the energy generation portfolio transitions and diversifies further, new challenges are emerging, which require changes to the electric utility business model and regulatory policies to ensure secure and reliable supply.


P & U is a highly volatile market in Europe, which led several companies to change its business approach.Market is applying an extreme pressure on the companies corporate activity, forcing them to innovate and reinvent their business models by giving responses to the emergent market opportunities, mainly through new customer solutions and energy services.


Due to the energy industry high impact at the population’s lifestyle and economy health, it is imperative that suppliers provide a high quality supply at competitive prices to its customers.It is imperative that companies monitor the market evolution by adapting its business model. Its strategic focus should be directed to an effective management of their investment initiatives, as well as to their operating costs and the internationalization of its business activity in order to meet the market opportunities and leverage economies of scale.

At the organizational level, Winning strongly supports the industry and companies in the sector in terms of change management. The paradigm shifts in the energy business organically causes continuous cycles of organizational reengineering. Knowing how to explore the capacity to enhance the team and assets to the highest performance level can determine whether to continue or not in the business.

In an industry with a very particular and extremely dynamic context, the innovation competence is assumed as a critical success, solvency and sustainability factor.

Developing this competence is one of the main assets that WINNING shares with its customers, not only in the genesis of innovation, but also in the feasibility assessment of the idea and its implementation.


Case Study I - Energy - Project Management

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Having an extensive portfolio supported by rules, good practices and procedures from the begging of the value chain, WINNING can help your company defining the strategy to pursue, finding new ways to innovate in your business, evaluating in which initiatives to invest, defining the requirements needed to fulfil and implementing the final project.

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