Data Science

DATA SCIENTIST Course ... Why?

A decade ago, data scientists were not a profession. But the international popularity that now holds, and that is spreading to the international market, demonstrates the clear orientation of companies to the paradigm of data science, important to deal with the immense and dispersed volume of information that can not and should not be ignored, Since it integrates important insights and business secrets. Many compare it to a virtual gold mine whose exploitation depends on the knowledge and talent of data scientists, professionals whose sphere of action combines the best of three worlds: business and business, mathematics and information technology.

Worries about:

  • How to retain customers?
  • How to attract more customers?
  • How to increase sales margins?
  • How to reduce costs?
  • How can we anticipate trends in the sector concerned?
  • How to understand customers' consumption habits?
  • How to increase cross-selling?
  • How to avoid customer abandonment?

The increasing complexity of the world and business has been increasing the negative impacts of the gaps in the decision-making process, and therefore, it is increasingly important to ensure high predictability of decisions, while at the same time reducing risk Associated.

The information circulates to a fugacity that prevents the rapid understanding of it, and therefore, the ability to relate causes with effects, as far as the events are concerned, represents a competitive advantage for companies. In response to these current market needs comes the WINNING Data Science Course, with the maximum objective of filling those that are the most important needs of the current Manager when making a decision, based on Management, Science and Technology.

Watch the testimonys, in vídeo, of the trainees who have already taken our course!

  • Business Analysts
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Consultants IT
  • Consultants


Next edition dates

  • Between September 4 and December 4 (post-work hours)

Training Location

  • WINNING Scientific Management

Portugal Office (Lisbon)

Registration Value* (after 15 of July 2017)

  • 2.499,00€+IVA

Payment methods

  • Upfront with 5% discount
  • In 10 months without interest (10 pre-dated checks)

* Optional MCI Certification - 300,00€+IVA



You can download the course datasheet here.

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