Food Consumption

Overall, and like in many other industries in the acclaimed “data age”, the food industry has undergone profound changes in recent decades. On the one hand, markets became global and increasingly fast and competitive. On the other hand, several studies show that the world population will reach 9 billion by 2050, so it is urgent to reflect on the global food system, so it can be managed with sustainability and taking into account human needs, available resources and the impacts on the planet.

Pains & Trends


Healthy food and profitable new business

Every day, portuguese consumers choose practical, light and nutritious meals that reinforces a healthy lifestyle. The consumer remains aware and tuned with main global trends regarding the dichotomy “diet vs health”.


Certifications and business credibilization

Sustainability has been widely discussed in all spheres of society. Consumers are aware of certifications and ethical brand positioning, regarding security and responsible attitude related issues - not only to personal health but also to the environment and with civil society.


Attracting new customers through experience sharing

Experience sharing (customer experience) and public reviews, through social media is changing consumer trends in hotel, restaurants and retail markets. The consumers more and more check for information, online and offline, about products, services and brands before making a purchase, taking special attention to the experience of other consumers before decide to consume or not.

In last decades, there has been a consumer trend towards adopting a very conscious attitude towards products purchased. In the food industry this development is further enhanced in an environment that grows depending on the concerns and habits that promote quality of life - was added to the diet the attribute "health" - key to promoting a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, globally, is discussed the role of advertising, marketing and new technologies associated with current consumer trends. Ethical issues are also currently part of the discussion, in particular regarding the issues around advertising "misleading", legislative rules that are not complied or excessive information (infoxication) that is not understood or is not properly useful for consumers.

It is imperative to understand the consumer, why he consumes and what they would like to consume. Just based on this deep knowledge of consumers, companies will be able to offer the right products. Success always depends on the client's placement in the center of the organization and the center of decision making.
Betting on permanent adjustment of operations and strengthening the offering with differentiating proposals is the most important revenue for the entire value chain of the food industry, and WINNING can help you in this mission.


WINNING Market Report - Indústria Alimentar 2016


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