We are a team with solid experience in consulting and management training, both in the domestic and international markets. Our vision is that every customer and every employee find at WINNING he path to success. BECOME WINNERS. TOGETHER.


The mission of WINNING is act scientifically in our clients to change their business model creating permanent competitive advantages. WE DELIVER COMPLEX PROBLEM SOLVING.


We are governed by values of passion for what we do, always giving the most of our know-how, expertise and commitment, allowing everyone to participate and engage, in a position of maximum professionalism, respect and fairness.

We deliver results through PASSION.

We improve your PERFORMANCE.


We value your PARTICIPATION.


Winning Management Consulting expertise is strongly supported by rules, best practices and procedures established in developed cultures, and universally assumed as practices of those to follow.

Among the various regulations we emphasize:

ROI Methodology ™ (North American methodology, an international reference in strong expansion) that helps organizations to assess the contribution of each decision for the creation of value and sustainability.

BABOK® Guide (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge - Canadian normative, widely adopted in countries in North America and Northern Europe) whose mission is to ensure the correct transformation of the business problem to the solution.

PMBOK® Guide (normative widely reported internationally and considered an essential tool for the new economy and the new business models of organizations) that ensure the predictability of budgets, deadlines and customer satisfaction projects.

HCI® (Human Capital Institute) whose mission is to promote practices of strategic talent management through the development of human capital, creating corporate and individual productivity through the high-performance behavior.

Our portfolio is delivered in three main forms:

  • Consulting services;
  • Professional training services;
  • Research and development services.

The consulting is based on organizational intervention projects (changing the status quo of the organization), advisory services, mentoring, coaching, and may in specific situations consist on the outsourcing of processes themselves if the complexity or lack of specialized staff is verified.
In terms of training, we provide more than 20 courses both vocational and academic, through agreements with Business Schools with international reputation. Concerning the research and development, Winning owns a research center that develops knowledge and science either through academic partnerships or internal processes for value creation.

A new customer means a new partner and a challenge where we put all our energy, knowledge and accumulated experience. Several customers, in different industries and industries, approve our services!

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