The improvement of the Project Management model in VdA

Reinvention and standardization of the project management language in the Law Firm
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“WINNING revealed a good knowledge of the advocacy sector and was able to adapt a standard tool to our specific needs, which was fundamental in the adhesion of our collaborators to the project” project management in the Law Sector “

Fernando Resina da Silva, Partner of VdA

WINNING Scientific Management recently concluded a process in Vieira de Almeida & Associados (VdA) that allows the world of law to operate with the best methodologies of project management.
This methodology aims to establish a platform for standardization of the project management language in the advocacy sector, allowing the professionals in the area to acquire knowledge about the methodologies of Science Management applied by WINNING and thus facilitating the success of the projects in a Which is necessarily very competitive.
According to Professor Leandro Pereira, CEO of WINNING, the development of scientific methodologies applied to project management in the field of advocacy aims “the development of advanced management skills with technical and scientific bases is for professionals in the field of law a complement Essential to empower not only professional careers as well as the success of organizations in the industry, giving them a more holistic view and preparation on business dynamics and management challenges, thus providing a strong competitive advantage.”


The law firm is very competitive and law firms are increasingly moving towards an organizational model very similar to that of any service and consulting firm.
Vieira de Almeida & Associados (VdA) is one of the largest Law Firms operating in Portugal, and is a reference of the National Law Firm for its prestige, quality of work, perceived value and for its rigor and commitment to the Client.
Based on this important commitment to customer service, which requires continuous investment in continuous process improvement and innovation, VdA has worked with WINNING Scientific Management to improve its management model. The objective was to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of employees involved in customer service, but also in the internal workings of society.


Betting on Improving Processes in Project Management

In a customer-oriented service organization, employee efficiency and effectiveness is key to customer satisfaction, but above all to wealth generation.

In this context, VdA invested in a continuous improvement program to strengthen the skills of its employees at different levels and asked Winning to identify the most appropriate solution to achieve this goal.
Thus, and taking into account the specifics of VdA’s business model and its orientation towards customer service, Winning has detected the need to improve the Processes in Project Management. In addition, it was necessary to adapt these processes to the needs and specificities of VdA’s activity and also to identify an internal tool appropriate to the project portfolio management.
Following the diagnosis and confirmation of the recommendation by VdA, WINNING initiated a program to improve the project management process in order to maximize efficiency and reduce costs and rework.

The program started with the definition of an internal project management methodology, in order to level knowledge and ensure that at the level of project management all used the same vocabulary and the same nomenclature.
Thus, the first initiative was a Project Management Foundation workshop for the managers of each area and the employees who, in a transversal way, are involved in the projects underway in VdA.
In a second phase, in order to guarantee that the information resulting from the evolution of the projects was uniform for top management and intermediate management of society and that there is interdepartmental alignment in the production of this information, WINNING developed a template for Be used across all hierarchical levels.
This report, tailored to VdA’s specific needs, allowed all working groups and collaborators involved in project management to work rigorously and in a cohesive and transversal way.
Finally, as the last step of this program, WINNING proposed to VdA an application system for project portfolio management.


In developing this project for VdA, WINNING Scientific Management adopted the following working methodology:


After implementing the solutions recommended by WINNING, VdA benefited from the alignment of the strategic axes between all the departments and ensured the use of a unique language among the collaborators in the project management level. The efficiency impacts and the reinforcement of the competences of the VdA team allow:
– Manage project portfolio with increased efficiency;
– Strengthen knowledge sharing among teams;
– Achieve uniformity in the report, with an impact in terms of increasing the speed of information processing and the time-to-market response to the needs of customers and society.

By Nádia Miranda
Manager of WINNING Scientific Management