The customers are the center of attentions in all companies. Without them any business can’t grow. And the current economic climate they, the customers, are the master key in the company’s growth.

Customer Relationship Management is a great tool to predict what the customer needs, but this paradigm is changing because the new concept of Customer- managed relationship. This new concept takes us to social network world where customers can perform comments about services and products offer by companies. Businesses can take advantage with these two approaches because they can perform several tests about new services and products and register the opinion.
1. Introduction
Nowadays, consumers are no longer passive receivers of masscommunication messages. With product and service options exploding on different multichannel purchase opportunities, the balance of power has shift to the consumer, and thereby it requires important steps for successful relationships  between sellers and buyers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and strategies became…


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The decision-making driven by big data is now being widely recognized, and there is growing enthusiasm for this notion, which has taken companies to develop the skills required for data scientists.

Digital Era improved analytics and increased connectivity through new technology, which results in an explosion of the amount of data. Through better analysis of large data volumes that are becoming available, there is the potential to make advances in many scientific disciplines and improve the profitability and success of many companies. Big data is considered the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity. However, due to this explosion of data, many challenges have raised and should be addressed in order to fully realize this potential.


What is big data?

Big Data is a paradigm for enabling the collection, storage, management, analysis and visualization of large data sets with heterogeneous characteristics. It allows the combination of two or more sources to generate an insight unavailable from just a single stream of information, which provide valuable information for the most different areas.

The characteristics of big data are known by 3 v’s:

1 – Volume – The huge amount of data that organizations receive daily;

2 – Velocity – The large….


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Have you ever wonder about the importance of having good habits when using your computer? This article is about good habits that you should have to stay healthy, to let your computer stay healthy and especially safe.
As dentists recommend ongoing dental care that includes daily preventive hygiene and regular office visits for all of their patients, with your computer you should do the same, to avoid problems from occurring that might disrupt the use of your computer.

To start with this subject, the main advice I want to give you, is about the way you look at your computer problems. Quite often, computer problems are looked at as catastrophic and non-solvable issues. However the truth is that most computer problems aren’t catastrophic, and you can fix them yourself by upgrading to a better software, cleaning/changing/upgrading your hardware or using recovery/cleaning tools.

Buying a computer, piece of hardware or a software tool

Know how much everything costs. The first tip I can give you, is that you should know when you’re paying too much for a product. Quite often in tech world, people take advantage on other’s lack of knowledge, to sell products over their real price or that do not work as intended.
Second hand products are also good. The second tip, is…


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If you like sports, you tend to like hanging out with other people that like your favorite teams. The same goes with success. If you possess the qualities and characteristics of what it takes to be successful, it’s likely you’ll be attracted to and want to hang out with other people who share your values.

So what if you’re starting to earn some success in life, but want to make the connection to influential people outside your immediate social circles? Connect to those more successful or influential than you the right way with these six smart techniques.

  1. Find Connectors

We are no longer bound to geographic areas. If there’s an influencer you’d like to meet, odds are good that you know someone who knows someone who could introduce you. Personal introductions come with…


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